April 22, 2012


April 22, 2012

Today's sacrament meeting was such an inspiration.  Being in our family ward has not made me super thrilled but today's teachers from sunday school and relief society really did an excellent job on their lessons.  I was impressed and felt spiritually feed with the words they had shared as well as the relationship of the scriptures time period with our time period.  I guess you could say that I wasn't feeling selfish or prideful in today's meeting.  Its very interesting in how to Lord works in mysterious ways and how one individual and the words they shared can really affect someone ways or lifestyle.  Also, today's message really helped me to step back and think about how I have been with my two kids.  Two things that I need to work on from here on out is trying not to yell and no more spanking and being super aggressive with my children.  LOVE is the key! I feel like if I don't show or give the love my children need and want all of the hard work that I am doing now will mean nothing in the end of this life and the after life.

March 17, 2012

Life at this Point

March 17, 2012

Its been quite some time since I lasted posted. Life has been super busy and crazy in the schneider home. I got into the carrington college hygiene program and I have now finished my first semester. Now only four more semesters to go. These past 5 months have been so exhausting and have completely drained me. I know that I have gained about 10 pounds because of the lack of motivation to go the gym because they have no fun classes and the fact that after going to school in the morning and then working in the afternoon or night I am completely exhausted. I must say that I have no patience for my kids and I am very insensitive to them. Crying children drive me absolutely crazy. I am sooooo glad to know that I will not be having anymore children because if I had a third I would go insane and just be super miserable. However on a happy note, I do LOVE my children very much. Jack has gotten so big and is so handsome. I still can't believe that he is still my super cute little toe head. Although I am very concerned about him socially and academically. He doesn't not pronounce words very well and can't complete any sentences only when roll playing dora or thomas or any other tv show that he is into. Also, he is biting his nails like crazy, still drinking milk but only at my mom because she always gives him what he wants and he picks his nose and eats it which is soooooo disgusting. I even bougth the nail polish you put on when children have these bad habits but in the process he had non stop vomitting. so i didn't put anymore. I feel like something is wrong with him and that he is not quite there. Adelynn on the other hand is just super beautiful and we just love her to pieces. She is super smart and learns so fast. However, i feel like later in life she will be battling with her weight cause girlfriend has a big o booty and some thick legs. I really wish I could model her off or even get some commercials out of her cause she just has it all.

October 13, 2011


October 13, 2011

Woke up late this morning around eight oclock because Jefferson and I didn't go to bed until one oclock in the morning just because we were playing games on the computer and poor Adelynn has been in her crib just sitting there quietly but probably was crying and is probably starving! Got her food and played a bit before I went to do an emergency at work! I just love driving 45 mins to and from work its so awesome! Not really, did my emergency and helped kelly try to fix the fax machine but no success. Drove to my mom's got Jack and we went to McDonalds, Lucy and Kara joined us there for a couple of hours, surprisingly Lucy and Jack played well together today then we left McDonalds and I dropped Jack off at my mom's because he didn't want to come to Norma and Jeff's. Came home and Jefferson looked terrible and he said that Addy was a trip and such a handful and he thinks she is teething. Which of course she was teething because while Jefferson went to play Disc Golf she was very needy with me and very whiney. It drove me absolutely crazy. She can a sweet little angel at times and then the next be a total monster.


October 12, 2011

Jack spent the night at Meme's house again. Dropped Adelynn off at meme's then I went to step class which was great surprisingly! Then ran some errands, went to volleyball at the RM MG Center which was a lot of fun and there was a lot of players. Then went and hung out with the kids then went home and hung out with Jefferson and had dinner. Then went to some volleyball again which wasn't fun because there was a lot of not so good players.

October 10, 2011


October 10, 2011

Today was eventful! Woke up at six am to my little baby girl who is always on clock work. Down at seven thirty or eight and always up by six or six thirty. But as always she is sucking her thumb and giving me the biggest smile ever. She is just so precious. Jack spent the night with meme so it was not that bad of a morning. Got our clothes and things ready. I dropped Adelynn off at my mom's, let Kava out (Lola's dog) and made sure everything was clean. It was a bit messy from my sister's card playing night but everything was still in ok condition. Went to my step II class at Mountainside fitness gym. I just love step classes if I was brave and smart enough I would seriously teach a class. Maybe one day. Then I went to my parents to my annoying brother William who seriously drives me crazy I could totally disown him as my brother. Also, I came to find out that Jack and my mom where up all night long because he has a cold and had a high fever temperature which we don't know what it was because we don't own a thermometer. Thank goodness for my mom and her williness to take on my sick children. I really don't do well with sick kids especially when it takes away from my sleep. I am being very selfish right now and not being a very good nurturing mother. I guess we will see what I am like in a year if I have improved from this habit. I just feel like sometimes I just get used to my mom to just bail me out with kids that I don't take enough responsibility myself. This is why I think Jefferson and I should move away like to another state but unfortunately that can't happy since I am starting dental hygiene school in Nov 2011. Played with my kids for an hour and a half and then went to volleyball at the Red Mountain Multigenerational center. Today's volleyball was super fun and there where tons of new commers. Then came home and got ready for work. I took Ammon with me because he needed some work to be done on him. Spent four hours at work not doing a whole of things. Then we came home and I finished the laundry at Lola's and went and picked up my kids from my mom and brought them home. Then we played in the computer room at Norma and Jeff's, Jack played gardenscapes and Addy jumped on my back and played with the red ball. Then off to bed they went except for Jack had a meltdown as usual but its typical. Budgeting tonight and grocery shopping for neccesaties. I really hate budgeting but it must be done in order for us to find a cheap place to live and for me to finally get out of my in laws home. grateful for their generosity but I would hope never to do this again and to be very successful and to be able to be on my own two feet. Too much drama living here. That's all that happened to us today!

October 9, 2011


October 9, 2011

Well lets just say that my last post was months ago. Anyways, it started out with Adelynn being very fussy and super needy meaning that she is teething right now and is simply feeling very miserable. We got ready for Church that was a lot of work, Adelynn didn't want to get dressed and Jack didn't want a bath. Then I couldn't get my outfit together, eventually i just ended up wearing something else. Then Jefferson started to get mad and frustrated with me because he couldn't find our check book and said that I make too many messes with my clothes and that I never put anything away. Jefferson is a OCD clean freak. So going to church was hard because he and I kept arguing about the stupid check book and why we couldn't find it and all of my messes and he patience running out on me. Then I church our children could not behave properly and so therefore, we just ended up in the hall way with both until nursery and sunday school. According to Jack's nursery leaders sister nancy brown and sister hulett Jack was great in nursery and did so well! RS was great we learned about family history. Hence why I am writing on my blog as my journal. Then we went home and of course Jefferson and I aren't really on speaking terms. After Jefferson puts Jack to sleep for a cap nap he decides to take off and go to my parents to find food because obviously in Jeff and norma's house there really isn't anything to eat unless you cook it. He leaves me and the kids for two hours and at this point I am getting very angry because Adelynn just being super whiney and doesn't know what she wants and won't really eat anything and I have zero patience for whiney children and I have zero patience for pretty much little children. I really don't enjoy toddler and baby stages. It hasn't been my favorite. Anyways, so I call Jefferson I tell him to get home fast because Adelynn is seriously driving me crazy then Jack wakes up crying uncontrolably and I can't seem to make him calm. I feel like I have the two whiniest and needy children in the world. Finally, Jefferson gets home and he trades with me since he got away for two hours. I go to sleep and then I take the kids to my mom where Jack decided that he wanted to spend the night because meme's house is sooooo much better then home and he always gets his way there. Adelynn and I came back to Norma and Jeff's after I took care of Lola's dogs and house. Played games and went to sleep. This is what happened to us today.

July 21, 2011

The Slide

July 18, 2011

Jack and Adelynn playing on the slide. They love to play on the slide and if they had it their way they would play on it all day long but in the process of them playing their is fighting.

Addy & Shoes & Heat

July 17, 2011

Addy is in the phase of eating any kind of shoe that is laying around. Plus, because it's so dang hot in this Arizona heat she like to be shirtless and pantless. Who could blame her.

Adelynn is a Climber

July 16, 2011

I have never seen a little girl have as much strength and skills as Adddy has. She can totally pull herself up on things and she knows how to get her legs up and over. She is a very smart cookie.

Adelynn loves to play with her brother Jack and loves watching netflix with him while he is on the laptop computer in my brother's room. She tries to be a big girl just like Jack.

March 3, 2011

My Princess

February 24, 2011

My princess adelynn. So happy so bubbly and just so perfect!